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Food Tours: Questions to Ask

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It is difficult to get authentic food, even if you are visiting a foreign city. Often, especially in tourist areas, it is too tempting to sample food dishes that are Americanized and designed with a tourist in mind. Food tours are highly professional tours that provide visitors with a full experience of the city that they are visiting, whether it be London, Sicily or anywhere else. Additionally, the food tour may offer a workshop that allows for visitors to understand the ingredients, history and culture of the region.

What Will You Have To Eat?

Of course, it is important to scrutinize the types of foods you will be trying. The food may contain ingredients you are not able to eat or that you are just not that interested in. Decide whether you are looking to try a food item that offers you an authentic experience or if you'd like to try something new. Then, make sure that the food options you will be experiencing throughout the tour will help you achieve this goal. There are some tours that focus more on beverages, such as a wine tasting, so make sure that the tour is offering what you are looking for. 

The most common places where food tours occur is in cities. Cities provide the broadest range of food options to sample. Therefore, if you are interested in visiting a particular city and would also like to sample the food that the city has available, it makes sense to participate in a food tour.

How Will You Travel?

One of the questions to ask when participating in a food tour is how you will be traveling from one location to another. There are some food tours that involve walking, which can be a great form of exercise. However, you may not like how long it takes to navigate the city or you may be incapable of walking for such a long period. There are also food tours that use bikes or buses.

How Large Will The Tour Be?

Find out if the tour will be conducted in a group or if it will be a more private affair. Most tours are conducted as a group, with more private tours being much more expensive. The great thing about a culinary tour to Sicily is that it allows you to accomplish more than simply eating. You are able to see the city and meet people. It is a great opportunity to truly experience the place you are visiting.